Melissa Çelik is left without a mother and father when she was a baby. No one knows the truth about what happened to her family. Green Valley tells her story of becoming a young girl and then a woman.

She tries to stay with the family that adopted her, but Besime, the lady of the house, does not want Melissa and inflicts all kinds of torture on her. One day, when she is thrown out of the house, a man appears before her; Metin. Both of them start talking, unaware that their lives will change completely from that moment on. Metin is a timid, clumsy middle-aged man; Melissa, on the other hand, is a chirpy, talkative girl. Metin witnesses a part of her experiences, he listens to his heart and decides to save this girl, at least for now, and takes him to the farm. Melissa’s questioning style, who started living with Metin and Meral at the Green Valley farm in the town, will also reveal many memories and secrets that have been closed for years. Melissa’s arrival, her stay at the farm, school life and accepting herself to everyone become a different adventure.

While Melissa continues her life in Green Valley and the town is shaken by other events; everything turns upside down with the news that there is a family that wants to adopt her… Although Metin opposes this situation, Meral is ready to give up on Melissa, but things get complicated when they learn a big secret and the story begins…